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Dr. Andrew D. Jackson

As a native of the Pee Dee area, Dr. Jackson was raised in Latta, a small town north of Florence.  He received his Bachelor's of Science degree, in Biology, in 1995 from Francis Marion University.  After graduating magna cum laude from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2003, he began his career in Hartsville in February, 2004.  Dr. Jackson has been married since 2005 to Sarah Hatampa Jackson, and they have one son named David, one daughter named Catherine, and dogs, Jenny and Roxxy.  Locally, Dr. Jackson is the founding president of the Hartsville Toastmasters and a former Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce board member, Rotarian, and Lion's Club.  Chiropractically, he is a member of the Sherman College Alumni Assocation.  For enjoyment, he loves spending time with his family, hiking, reading, golfing, running, and playing tennis.

Dr. Jackson's chiropractic career began by accident in 1996.  After lifting heavy boxes at work, he experienced the worst lower back pain he had ever had.  He could barely stand up-right without the pain shooting down his leg.  Medication had typically been his choice of pain management, but in this case, he received no aid.  He decided to give chiropractic care a try after a strong suggestion from a close friend, even though he had always been a strong skeptic of chiropractic care's validity.  After several spinal adjustments, not only did his lower back pain greatly diminish, but he instantly experienced increased energy, better sleep, and sinus congestion relief.  Chiropractic care openened an all-natural, exciting new outlook for his health in the prevention of disease and giving his body strength to heal it previously never had.

"With all of my heart, I believe God has given us all a unique and wonderful healing power that is better expressed with a nerve system free of interference.  My dream is for the great people of Hartsville and the surrounding area to live a drug-free, healthy lifestyle as I and my family have for years.  Keep in mind, 'A healthier spine means a healthier you.'" 



Dr. Andrew Jackson, Hartsville Chiropractor SC