"I believe the office and the care is great!"

I have been a regular patient since 2016.  I came in having pain throughout my left hip which radiated down my left leg.  Usually I had trouble walking because of the pain.  My life has improved so much since having chiropractic care with Dr. Jackson.  I am very thankful and I believe the office and the care is great."

~ Sharon T.

May 2020

"It just makes me feel better!"

I was referred to Dr. Jackson by my daughter.  I came in with a moderate amount of back pain.  My life has been much better since I started chiropractic care.  I really believe I would have had surgery if I hadn't started here.  I see myself living without back problems now.  It just makes me feel better to come in and get my adjustments.  I love this office!


~ Linda H.

September 2019

"Keeping my spine in line allows my body to work properly overall!"

My husband, who was already a patient, suggested I see Dr. Jackson for my neck and middle back problems. I've seen other chiropractors in the past but have never felt safe letting them adjust my neck. Dr. Jackson made me feel safe, so I allowed him to adjust my neck and it has changed my posture for the better! I can now move more freely and I have even started training for running 5K's. Keeping my spine in line and position allows my body to work properly overall as well as recover naturally.

~ Jennifer N.

September 2017

"Thankful for Dr. Jackson"

Years ago, the discomfort from my neck and back pain brought me to Dr. Jackson; and I am so thankful for him and his chiropractic treatments.  The treatment has helped in maintaining my overall health.  It is my goal to continue this chiropractic lifestyle so it will enable me to remain active.   Jackson Family Chiropractic's staff and Dr. Jackson genuinely care about their patients, and they treat you like family.

~ Steve F.

June 2019

"I could barely walk!"

I found Dr. Jackson's office while was searching online for a chiropractor.  I had severe low back pain to the point that I could barely walk.  My life has changed drastically since starting chiropractic care.  I am now able to play with my son and not worry about debilitating pain.  I fear my health would have been heading downhill if not for chiropractic care.  My favorite things about Dr. Jackson's office is the ability to feel instant relief and his staff is very friendly!"

~Stephanie W.

March 2018

"My pain has decreased significantly!"

After dealing with severe jaw pain combined with neck and back pain, I knew I had to do something.  I researched online for local chiropractors and decided to try Jackson Family Chiropractic.  Before seeing Dr. Jackson my jaw pain was an 8 out of 10 and my neck pain was around a 7 out of 10.  Starting chiropractic care has significantly decreased  the pain as well as increased my neck mobility.  It has also allowed me to enjoy steak again! 

~ Amanda T.

January 2018

"Chiropractic care gave me a better quality of life..."

I was referred by a friend. I came to see Dr. Jackson because I was having neck pain. Since being under care, I am able to be more active. Without Dr. Jackson and chiropractic care, I feel that in 15 years, I would be stationary or able to move around a lot less than I do now. Chiropractic care has given me a better quality of life!

~ Eddie W.

November 2015

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